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What sponsoring the LBL Charitable Foundation Limited can do for your organisation?

There are many benefits surrounding sponsoring an organisation conducting charitable activities and programmes across the country and worldwide. For starters, you can support the charity confidently by understanding that your contributions will be put forward to, for example, our film initiatives or the teaching and/or counselling services that are transforming the lives of vulnerable children and other groups across the world.

Sponsoring with LBL Charitable Foundation introduces businesses to new contacts and opens opportunities to meet potential business partners or a new customer base. Showing you care can mean much to the community and the people involved in your business.

Other benefits you can gain by sponsoring any activities, programmes, events or the charity itself include all the following:

  • Increase return on investment
  • Build business relationships
  • Gain insights into new industries and sectors, which are extremely valuable
  • Gain a more positive reputation by supporting a charitable organisation
  • Expand your strategy for content online by promoting your involvement or supportive contributions to a charity
  • Generate deeper connections fostering more loyalty for your brand
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Increase your sales and revenue
  • Benefit from the association with the charity
  • Engage in more markets
  • Gaining competitive advantages
  • Interact with new markets and prospects
  • Establish your business as a more authentic and credible brand
  • And partake in a new, positive networking opportunity.

If you would like to dive more deeper into the benefits surrounding sponsoring an event or a program for a charity/organisation, please contact us on

If you are interested in sponsoring LBL Charitable Foundation Limited email

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