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Welcome to LBL Philanthropy first blog!

“Giving is the greatest act of grace” is one of the nicest sentiments to live by. It captures the essence of charity work – to give back to the community and share love with humanity.

This sentiment is amplified in LBL Philanthropy. Being a non-profit organisation, we strive to dedicate our resources and knowledge toward helping children and families struggling with mental illness and/or poverty. Charity and social entrepreneurship are core values of our organisation as we endeavour through our various programs – including remote teaching, entrepreneurs mentoring and counselling.


Our organization aims to improve the wellbeing of children and adults in Australia and developing countries by offering English language lessons. We deliver flexible and innovative education programs to ensure children and adults in remote areas have access to high quality learning programs. Teaching in a remote way offers a range of professional opportunities for teachers and students who are engaging and resilient.


Our Entrepreneurs Mentoring program, along with tertiary mentoring, aim to help those who were once disadvantaged to earn a stable income through their entrepreneurial pursuits, thus supporting them out of relative or absolute poverty. Through this program, we will provide practical and valuable tips on how to start a new business, setting objectives and a business plan, developing marketing strategies as well as increasing profitability. Also, providing participants advice on tertiary study such as career pathway, selection of courses, improve time management and organisational skills.


LBL Philanthropy has worked with communities and volunteers to provide counselling and therapy. With the support and expertise of our experienced counselors, our organisation has provided much-needed support for orphans and children. This has been highly beneficial for these communities as therapy allows individuals to handle and manage emotions arising from problems or stressors, including life-altering or traumatic experiences.

Further, through our new online counselling service, we aim to help those struggling with mental health during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Featured on our new website, is it easily accessible and available to all individuals seeking support.

The past few years have been an amazing journey of growth and development. We hope that we can share this journey with you through our new blog and continue to rely on your generous support!