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We offer FREE Online Counselling. We strive to help..

“No distress, depression or traumatic experiences are hard to heal, LBL Charitable Foundation Limited are always here to listen”

What receiving your counselling online with the LBL foundation can do for you?

We here at LBL Charitable Foundation Limited are proud of the online counselling services we provide, which are constantly helping those who are suffering from all severities and variations of mental illnesses.

Counselling can come in multiple languages through the help of our outstanding and supportive volunteers, ensuring that everyone who comes to us can be heard. Our volunteersconsistently help those distressed or suffering from trauma, improving their well-being and way of life after receiving our personalised one-to-one counselling services.  

During the most recent pandemic, our online counselling services enabled by technology allowed all of us to remain safe, protecting us from the likelihood of contracting the virus and ensuring that we would have access to the help we needed for our mental health and wellbeing during those hard and often isolating feeling times. 

These counselling services can be conducted across many communication platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams; if these are unavailable to specific individuals, we also offer counselling over the phone here at LBL Charitable Foundation Limited.

Benefits of our online counselling:

Online counselling is just as effective as in-person counselling; some may even find it more beneficial due to how you can receive help for your mental health from the comfort and ease of your own home, somewhere that you feel safe to discuss what is troubling your mind. 

Other benefits of receiving your counselling online include how there is more flexibility and access to it, and it can be a more affordable option. Online counselling is convenient for busy schedules and is an option that makes location no longer a problem, especially for individuals living in remote areas.

Receiving counselling when you are struggling with your mental health is crucial as these counsellors may assist you in finding the root of your mental illness and show you how to respond to the problem healthily and positively. 

Counselling will help you feel heard and respected and will help reduce the waves of anxiety or depression you may be experiencing. 

What you can gain from our online counselling services:

In the counselling sessions, you will receive high-quality treatment from volunteer counsellors, who will teach you crucial tools when facing your problems and issues that may be causing you distress. 

These sessions are free and are reliable due to the credibility of the information you will be provided. During these times, you may learn personalised strategies for your specific mental illness or issue/trauma to help you cope and improve your well-being.


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