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Transforming the lives of children in Vietnam through our Free Online Teaching Services:

To save children in Vietnam from continuing to live in the vicious cycle of poverty, LBL Charitable Foundation Limited has helped these vulnerable groups through multiple courses of action.

For starters, in 2021, LBL Charitable Foundation Limited provided funding for food and clean water supplies, ensuring their necessities to develop, grow and learn are available. Supporting LBL’s main course of action was to provide online teaching services, allowing the children to learn essential language and literacy skills in a nurturing, supportive and encouraging environment through the help of our compassionate team of volunteers.

This online teaching program has been operating for over three years now and has proven to be a great success in Vietnam and Africa. LBL Charitable Foundation Limited are proud to hear that the participants in these programmes are gaining much from the free initiative and are sharing the joy for children across the globe.

This teaching initiative aims to provide children with crucial skills so that they may enter the job market in the future, ultimately helping to alleviate the joblessness and poverty situation occurring in Vietnam as they are taught skills that increase their employability.

This year, LBL Charitable Foundation was happy to receive some positive feedback from a participant in Vietnam using our online teaching service; that young boy said:

“My English teacher is really friendly. Every class with her is fun, and I never get bored. She understands that my listening skill is not good, so she always tries to speak slowly. Besides that, I also get to learn more about her country. I want to study with her for a long time”

Other positive feedback shared from a young female student was “Mrs.Sharon is a wonderful teacher. She is enthusiastic and has a great sense of humour. She made me feel that English is not as difficult as I used to think. I did not feel stressed and realised that learning English is interesting. She motivated me and helped me a lot. I made great progress after studying with her. Not only did my grades at school improve, but my practical English skills also improved a lot, especially my speaking skills. Her help gave me a 7.0 band score on the IELTS Test. I am so grateful that I could get a chance to study with her. Mrs Sharon, thank you so much!”

If you want to learn more about LBL’s teaching service or other initiatives we take to help vulnerable groups worldwide, feel free to check out our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or scroll through our website for more information.

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