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LBL Charitable Foundation stand against bullying

Bullying is never okay, and LBL Philanthropy is here to help anyone and everyone impacted by it.

We offer free counselling services to help those suffering from mental illness. Our supportive and qualified counsellors deliver high-quality treatment through an easily accessible online service. Indeed, this provides individuals with reliable information and resources, as well as personalised strategies to improve their wellbeing.

Moreover, we support victims of bullying by offering mentoring services to repair damaged self-esteem and confidence. Mentor services include entrepreneurs mentoring, along with tertiary and academic mentoring. Through the support of their mentor, participants are able to become confident leaders in both the work and academic space. Indeed, mentors are able to focus on improving participants’ mindset in order to boost confidence and self-esteem in the midst of bullying, whilst also providing valuable advice and strategies to overcome bullying.

Lastly, LBL Philanthropy also improves confidence and proficiency in English. Often, victims of bullying are subject to discrimination due to race and/or inability to speak English, thus damaging confidence in English. LBL Philanthropy can address this via our teaching program which provides students with a safe and nurturing environment to learn English. Our program offers well-rounded learning that also assists the development of social skills and confidence, thus proving invaluable to students suffering from bullying.