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LBL Charitable Foundation is committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with businesses over the long term through sponsorship and partnership.
People are at the core of community and social work. By keeping connections with those who are like-minded and supportive towards LBL Charitable Foundation, we hope to maintain connections with people and businesses who support mental health issues together, as no individual is beyond mental health.
Philanthropic work is not done in isolation and staying connected and networking is as important as ever to raise awareness socially. Your business or charity sponsorship could mean the difference in helping expand our philanthropic reach.
LBL Charitable Foundation understands the importance of networking in today’s world and participating in charitable events and meetings also offer countless networking opportunities for businesses. Sponsoring with LBL Charitable Foundation introduces businesses to new contacts and opens the opportunities to meet potential business partners or a new customer base. Showing you care can mean a lot for the community and for people involved in your business.


A partnership with LBL Charitable Foundation means a connection which helps people going through poverty and mental illness. LBL Charitable Foundation recognizes your business’s support on our website, as a charity cannot stand without support. It relies on the generosity and efforts of people who care about a greater cause. Backing from local business can give voice to the important issues of poverty and mental illness and helps LBL to achieve its objectives as a charity.
A partnership with LBL Charitable Foundation on your website helps us to increase our philanthropic reach and can help market your business’s products and services to our larger community. We are able to undertake our activities with confidence knowing that we are supported and advocated for. Showing your support helps us to grow our charity alongside your business.
Businesses can give back to their communities by functioning as business per usual, while LBL Charitable Foundation trusts their financial support to target key issues and undertake charitable activities. Your generosity is important to us.


Partnership comes in different forms and partnering with another charity can broaden the philanthropic reach of its mission. LBL Charitable Foundation is committed to helping other charities with common objectives in need financial support and project assistance.
LBL Charitable Foundation embraces charities which share a common mission, objective and values. LBL Charitable Foundation understands that each contribution drives measurable social impact through these shared values, capacity building, cause-driven programs and generosity. The power of cooperation amongst charities can make the impossible into possible – working together can brainstorm and inspire solutions to significant social problems.

Want to Support?

Please consider donating or volunteer with us if you wish to support. You kindness is highly appreciated.