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LBL Charitable Foundation is introducing our entrepreneurs mentoring, along with tertiary and academic mentoring, thus enabling participants to become successful and confident leaders in the workforce and studies. Providing them the necessary toolset as well as mindset to help them succeed in the workplace and studies.


Mentoring is a mutual relationship with an intention to convey specific content along with life wisdom from one individual, the mentor, to another, the mentee. Our aim is to help those who were once disadvantaged to earn a stable income through their entrepreneurial pursuits, thus supporting them out of relative or absolute poverty. Through this program, we will provide practical and valuable tips on how to start a new business, setting objectives and a business plan, developing marketing strategies as well as increasing profitability. Further, mentors are extremely valuable as they give a different perspective on business ideas and problems since they are able to provide an unbiased, third-party opinion as well as helpful experience and knowledge. Moreover, workplace mentoring will support participants as they gain practical and hands-on industry experience. As such, they will develop vocational skills and professional networks that will allow them to gain an edge in the business environment.


Furthermore, our tertiary mentoring program will help disadvantaged students by encouraging their academic endeavours and motivating them to complete their educational journey. Many of these disadvantaged students are the first in their family to participate in tertiary studies, thus they lack established networks. This is where our mentors come in to support them, hence providing an experienced role model.

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