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2021 Success of our Martial Arts event

LBL Philanthropy held Martial Arts lessons which were open to everyone this year was a great success. It was a great success because of the abundant benefits of learning martial arts that participants acquired and why it’s important for mental well-being.


Firstly, martial arts contributes to a healthy lifestyle by providing intense physical workout and thereby encouraging healthier eating to effectively replenish your energy. Through exercise, it releases endorphins and helps you feel stronger, fitter and healthier.

Martial arts is also a highly effective way to enhance the mind. By drawing on proper breathing techniques and constant meditation, martial arts improves your mindfulness and instils a sense of calm. As such, martial arts has been proven to help combat stress and anxiety.

Evidently, martial arts is a wonderful way to improve both your mind and body! LBL Charitable Foundation was able to help improve the health and wellbeing of our participants.