Do you have a creative idea which can raise awareness for LBL Charitable Foundation? Helps us, help those in need through your creative and directorial talents.

We are looking for film and media professionals to film a short video, feature films, TVC and advertisement which demonstrates how philanthropists can change the world through our mission.

It might be a simple 10 minute short film using an iPhone or otherwise; we are open to any creative ideas you may bring to the table, and no prior experience is necessary.

Or, bring your creative idea to life on the big screen while making a difference to the world. Sharing your full length feature film in a rewarding manner and inspire others.

However, please keep in mind LBL Charitable Foundation is a charity and ideas should be relevant to community mental health and poverty related issues to which it lends support to.

You can enter your charity, documentary films or any type of film genre with charitable element to many different film festival competitions around the world. By entering many different film festival competitions, you can spread a wider message to the community about the benefits of compassion. This is a great opportunity to have fun and be creative all for a great cause, which will be funded by LBL Charitable Foundation. 

Contact US

Get in touch by emailing us your short video, TVC and advertisement ideas in less than a page and the approximate cost and budget for your idea. This could be great opportunity for us to help you showcase your skills for the greater good.


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